MAC Impianti Srl works to always be recognized as an excellent organization, devoted to innovation, respectful of the territory and capable of meeting the needs of customers with dynamism and with technologically advanced solutions.


Management decisions, which can have a significant impact on company performance and stakeholder satisfaction, are based on preliminary assessments of risks and opportunities.


Compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of work and construction safety and environmental protection is a prerequisite for any activity. In respect of the values of the work and of the people who make up the organization, MAC Impianti Srl must pursue the following purposes:

  • to design and build ergonomic, functional, healthy and safe structures and plants, workplaces and production areas, bearing in mind the needs and expectations of users, workers and the community;
  • to stimulate innovation in production processes, directing development towards the testing of new construction systems and new methods for controlling work by introducing technologically advanced equipment and qualified personnel into these operations;
  • to guarantee a high quality standard of the prefabricated product in the workshop in order to minimize assembly time on the construction site and prevent the exposure of construction site workers to unacceptable risks;
  • to qualify and improve continuously the skills of welders and manage welding processes in order to prevent execution defects;
  • to satisfy the customer, systematically respecting the requirements specified in the contracts, in order to consolidate a relationship of trust with them and to establish a collaboration based on transparency, flexibility and speed of action;
  • to ensure compliance with the maintenance plans of the vehicles and equipment used by the organization in order to reduce potential risk possibilities for operators who use them;
  • to enhance human resources, at all levels of the organization, through training and motivation, rewarding their loyalty to corporate values and correct behavior;
  • to encourage the participation and consultation of workers and their representative in order to promote initiatives for the continuous improvement of health and safety conditions at work;
  • to implement supplier selection and qualification criteria based on the quality of the products and services provided, on the flexibility and timeliness of supplies and on the technical competence of staff and on compliance with health and safety standards;
  • to promote a culture of health and safety at work, by encouraging the continuous training of workers on the issues of prevention and protection from risks;
  • to encourage and motivate the participation and consultation of workers in order to make initiatives for the improvement of the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases increasingly effective;
  • to improve steadily working conditions and the prevention and protection system against accidents and occupational diseases.


The Management has identified the internationally recognized references in the ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2 and ISO 45001 standards for the continuous improvement of company performance, both for the quality of the works carried out and in particular for the special welding process and for the health and safety of workers. Moreover the Company confirms its activity as a Transformation Center for the production of metal carpentry in accordance with Ministerial Decree 17-01-2018 and has implemented the harmonized standard EN 1090-1 for the manufacture of steel structural elements.


Since 2017, with the introduction of the culture of Risk Management in quality management systems, management has also voluntarily adopted the ISO 31000 standard as a reference to face effectively the uncertainty associated with business processes and control risks and opportunities.


To make the improvement measurable, the Management establishes annual objectives based on process indicators related to variables relevant for quality and safety. The actual achievement of the annual objectives is verified by the Management during annual review sessions.


All Company workers are expected to collaborating positively so that the corporate objectives are successfully achieved.


Trontano, 20 Maggio 2020