The equipment and the resources of MAC Impianti S.r.l. are typical of a workshop to support construction sites, thus covering a wide range of possible operations.

To highlight the Ermaksan folding press with bending capacity of 4m with thicknesses up to 16mm, the two curved profiles equipped with molds for bending pipes from 3/4" up to 4".

Our Lifting equipment


Description Brand Model
Diesel hydraulic telescopic jib crane Locatelli Gril 830
Diesel hydraulic telescopic jib crane Locatelli Gril 8400
Telescopic handler F.lli Dieci Runner 30.11
Hydraulic crane on Iveco Eurotraker Effer 325.11 8S
Forklift Cesab Drago 300
Forklift Daewoo D25s-3
Forklift Doosan D25g
Self-propelled articulated boom Genie Z45/25 j
Articulated telescopic platform Sequani  CS-170
Self-propelled scissor lifts Genie GS 2032


Our main  workshop equipment


Description Brand Model
Plate Bending Machine Sahinler 4R Hss 30-280
Profile Bending Machine Co.Mac Galileo 50
Hydraulic Section Bending Machine Co.Ma.L. Omega 100
Hydraulic Shear Baykal Hnc 3100X20
Hydraulic Press Brake Baykal Aph 3110X180
Hydraulic Press Brake Ermaksan Falcon Pro 4100-400
Electrohydraulic Press Omcn 204Rm
Punching Machine Ficep 1105 N
Radial Drill Itama T55/1600 Rh
Column Drilling Machine Acm Nd 40
Roller Positioner Simac Pr 25
Roller Positioner Automa 2000 Power Sr 1200 M+F
Pipe Notching Machine Aceti Macchine Art. 60
Tube & Pipe Bending Machines (# 4) Ercolina Medi Bender 070-2
Lathe Colchester Triumph 2000
Milling Machine Rambaudi Fcr-Tsp
Mig/Mag+Tig Welding Machines (# 4) Lincoln Invertec Stt Ii
Mig/Mag+Tig Welding Machines (# 15) Fronius Transsynergic 5000
Band Saw Machine Mep Shark 330 Hh
Band Saw Machine Fmb Olimpus 3
Band Saw Machine Mep Shark 260
Band Saw Machine Mep Shark 452 Ccs
Band Saw Machine Femi 780 Xl
Bevelling Machine Trumpf Tkf 1500-0
Overhead Bridge Crane Giacomini Pm3A10,87
Overhead Bridge Crane Giacomini Pm5A5,85
Overhead Bridge Crane Giacomini Pm5A11,20
Overhead Bridge Crane Giacomini Pm5A10,98
Overhead Bridge Crane Anselmi Al636Ac
Overhead Bridge Crane Mora Donati 34Li