Feasibility studies, basic and detailed design, preparation of technical specifications, "as-built" documentation, are mandatory issues required for a plant engineering company that intends to operate on the global market.

An internal department of design, functionally connected to a network of specialized external consultants, allows Mac Impianti to provide for entire projects all design work, related construction activities in the workshop and external installation activities.

The budgeting involves engineers and technicians both in technical documentation and related commercial quotation in very short times.

Operational Steps:

  • Quotation
  • Preliminary projects
  • Executive project
  • Manufacturing/controlling planing
  • Welding procedures (WPS-WPQR)
  • Job and procedures documentation
  • Construction drawings in accordance with the project specifications
  • Development of construction drawings for production
  • Drawing lists
  • Detailed material lists
  • Material certification
  • Processing cards
  • Special assembly design